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Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah

Jun 16, 2020

A few weeks ago I shared my Top 5 Squares to Elope in Savannah! (Haven’t read it yet? Make sure to check it out!) So today I wanted to share my Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah! While I love getting portraits of my couples in the squares around Historic Savannah, there are plenty of unique options you can choose from! From hip and trendy hotels to a cemetery (yes, cemetery!) Savannah is filled with the perfect spot to Elope.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Don’t let the fact that it’s a cemetery keep you away from this Hidden Gem in Savannah! This public space has quite a few parks, and a garden, that makes beautiful backdrops. Apart from the amazing history in this cemetery, Bonaventure is a simply stunning piece of property with Savannah’s gorgeous oak-lined lanes and Spanish moss. 

Bonaventure cemetery elopement in Savannah The Top 10 Spots to Elope in Savannah Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah
Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah

Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah

The Brice Hotel

If you are looking for a garden feel, but with a contemporary touch, The Brice is perfect for you! This chic boutique hotel has some modern touches, with lots of fun colors. Their secret garden lets you have an intimate ceremony, in a quiet space. It’s the perfect option if you are thinking about an outdoor elopement but want extra privacy. Plus, you can stay just steps away in one of their gorgeous suites. My favorite? The Juliette suite!

The Top 10 Spots to Elope in Savannah The Brice Hotel Elopement - Izzy and Co. Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah The Brice Hotel Elopement - Izzy and Co.

Harper Fowlkes House

This venue is one of my favorites – but not one everyone knows about! It’s tucked away in Historic Savannah on Barnard St, just steps away from River Street. This 1842 Greek Revival Mansion is furnished with the most amazing antiques, and unique pieces. But my favorite part? The garden! The spacious garden at Harper Fowlkes House is perfect for an elopement ceremony since you are in a private space, but it still feels oh so Southern. It is also a great spot if you are having a few guests, since you can use the indoor space as well.

Top 5 Elopement Venues in Savannah

Moon River Brewing

The Beer Garden at Moon River Brewing is such a fun spot to elope! Perfect for any beer lover, or even those who love a little ghost hunt, this is one of my favorite spots in Savannah. The building is a regular stop on the ghost tours – but don’t worry, you won’t see any on your wedding day! Their Beer Garden is filled with flowers, jasmine and trees, for a beautiful backdrop. Plus, they have industrial garage doors that also make for a fun backdrop! You can say I Do, and have a beer to celebrate, all in one place!

Moon River Beer Garden Elopement Moon River Beer Garden Elopement

The Wyld Dock Bar

Are you a couple looking for a more coastal backdrop for your elopement? You are going to love The Wyld! This restaurant has a huge deck, that overlooks the coastal marshes. You can even drive up on your boat! This venue has an awesome laid back feel, with gorgeous views, and the fresh smell of the nearby ocean.

The Wyld Dock Bar Elopement The Top 10 Spots to Elope in Savannah The Wyld Dock Bar Elopement

Boutique Hotel Rooftops

If something a little less traditional is more your vibe, I recommend one of the many rooftops in Savannah! There are three amazing boutiques in town that offer Rooftop spots: The Alida, Perry Lane and The Drayton Hotel.

First up: The Lost Square at The Alida Hotel. This new hotel has one of the coolest spots in Savannah. Sitting right by the riverfront, you can see for miles all around. The furniture has a cool art deco meets coastal vibe, and their cocktails are delicious!

Next is Perry Lane Hotel. Located right in the middle of Downtown Savannah, the Peregrin bar gives you some of the best views of Savannah. I personally love that you can see the towers at St. John The Baptist Cathedral, and hear the bells throughout the day. This spot isn’t just a bar – they have lawn games, tropical plants, and a cool pool for after your vows

And finally, The Drayton Hotel has some super stunning sunset views, including a prime view of the Courthouse’s gold roof, and the famous Savannah Bride. No matter which rooftop you pick, you are going to get a stunning view of Savannah!

The Top Rooftop Bars for your Savannah Elopement The Top Rooftop Bars for your Savannah Elopement The Top Rooftop Bars for your Savannah Elopement

Picking The Perfect Elopement Venue in Savannah

When picking your elopement venue, make sure to take a few things into consideration. First, will there be any guests, or just the two of you? Second, would you prefer to get married overlooking Savannah (like on a roof!) or right in the action, like at Harper Fowkles House? No matter what type of elopement ceremony you want, I can help you pick the perfect spot! I have been shooting weddings in Savannah for many, many years, and know all the perfect spots. We can talk through your vision, and I can help you pick the right spot for your elopement! Reach out, and let’s plan your perfect Savannah Elopement!

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  2. […] Bonaventure might be a cemetery, but you shouldn’t let that deter you! It’s actually a beautiful spot that few people know about. It’s a public space with several great areas for photos, including a beautiful garden. Not to mention, it’s got a long history, which makes it a fascinating place for an elopement. You can read more about it (and see some of Michelle and Steve’s pictures!) in our recent post on the top five elopement venues in Savannah! […]

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