3 Thanksgivings

November 28, 2010

So we didn’t do anything on actual Thanksgiving day because we all had to work.  But don’t feel bad for us – we went to 3 Thanksgiving dinners! Feel bad for our pants.  Last year, we got officially pegged as the pie makers so all day Friday and for me painfully Saturday morning, we made a grand total of 5 pies!  Friday night, we went to our friends Richelle and Luis’ house.  Richelle works with Martin.  She is just a feisty little thing and I adore her.

Our first dinner on Saturday was at Nikko and Manuel’s.  The food was amazing but we tried to pace ourselves since later we’d be going to a second dinner.  And I sure do love this crowd!

Our last dinner was at Chiara’s place.  We had a great mixture of Americans, Brits and Spaniards.  Im pretty sure the whole time, I fought with them over what exactly is a biscuit.

The aftermath.  They quickly learned what all Americans do after a Thanksgiving meal.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones!! Im trying to get a lot of things blogged this week before we take off to POLAND! So keep checking back!


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