November 25, 2010

I´ll be honest. Im a complainer.  Its not a character trait Im proud of.  And I need to work on it.  So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving here are some things that I am truly thankful for:

– My parents.  They have always supported me and given me the freedom to do whatever I want.  Most people do not have this option or opportunity so I know I am very blessed.  They are both in good health and they better stay that way because Id be lost without them.

– My brother Daniel. I am always thrilled to tell people that he is truly my favorite person in the world.  I am very lucky to be best friends with my brother.

– My best friend Leah. Although I dont get to see her or talk to her as much as I wish I could, she really is my better half. I would seriously be an incomplete person without her.  I will never stop loving her.

– Martin. Oh my goodness, I would be lost without him. He often asks me what I ever did before we met.  And while Id like to think Im independent, hes sooooo right.  Martin organizes everything.  When we go on trips, he does EVERYTHING.  Plus, he remembers everything.  Id like to have a brain that functions half as good as his.  But alas, mine likes to take lots of holidays ;)

– Martin´s parents, Marty and Mary.  Again, they are totally supportive of any crazy thing we want to do.  I know our parents hate that we are thousands of miles away, but they never complain or make us feel bad about being here.  I am so thankful that I have such a good relationship with Martin´s family because family is so important to me.

– I live in Europe.  Need I say more?

– I spend 4 hours in a train every day. Now, usually I complain about this. BUT I read ALOT.  In the states, I never found time for reading.  It used to be my biggest passion – growing up, you would never find me without my nose shoved in a book.  Now, its the same and I love it.

– Julie Roberts – this woman showed me that being a wedding photographer is special, exciting, and most importanly FUN and CREATIVE.  I learned that wedding photography doesnt have to be traditional and cheesy.  I can apply everything I love about photography and make it the most amazing thing.  During the time I spent with Julie, my work has grown and improved ten fold.  Thank you!

– I dont have a car.  Now, I know all of you Americans would never see this as a good thing.  But I love living in a city where I can walk anywhere I need to go.  For one, I dont have the expenses that go along with a car – payments, gas, insurance, oil changes, etc.  I pay a small monthly fee and have unlimited QUALITY public transportation at my disposal.  Second, I have built in daily exercise. Walking and STAIRS.  I really should have a better ass. Oh but wait. Thats complaining.

– Tapas. Hello? Free food with your drink?  Why hasnt the rest of the world caught on to this!?

– I´ve been to 20 countries.  We work hard and sacrifice a lot to make this happen.  But I know most people wont see what we´ve seen in their whole lifetime.  We are very fortunate.

– I speak Spanish.  Well at least some.  I never imagined Id be able to speak a second language and it never really was an ambition of mine.  Over here, your average person speaks at least 3 languages no problem.  Im ashamed that Americans arent better about growing up learning languages.  I know that most of us will never have a use for it but it really opens up so many doors.  And its awesome being able to communicate with people in other countries and cultures.  Its made me a better person for sure.

– My friendships.  To all of my friends in the US, all my friends here in Spain, and my friends in other countries.  I love you.  And I feel very blessed to call you all friends.  I take my friendships seriously.  I surround myself with good people who I can count on and who can count on me.  And I want to send out a thank you to all my friends. Because every time we come home for a visit, its like we never were away.  It really stinks to miss out on all the big things happening in my friends´lives but I know that we will always be friends and we will hang out when we are together like we have never been away.  Martin and I seem to make long lasting friendships wherever we go and for that I am very thankful.

– My “cheerleaders” – Thank you to all of you who support my photography and my business.  I obviously could NOT do it without you!

These are the big things that come to mind.  I could go on forever.  But Im hungry….so Im going to leave you with a series of pictures our friends took of us while we were in Berlin this past weekend.  More from the trip to come!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends!!! We have 3 Thanksgiving dinners this weekend so Ill be posting pictures from those as well.  Miss you and love you all!!


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