Cary and Frida – Lovey Dovey Session – Madrid, Spain

December 1, 2010

We met Cary and Frida last year and they have turned into some GREAT friends.  Cary was part of the football crowd that we always hung out with.  This year, half that crowd isnt here, and the rest of us just cant seem to get it together, so we dont hang out as a group as much as Id like.  But we still continue to have dinner parties, because its only natural, and Cary and Frida are almost always involved.  Cary is a great cook! Well last year, he wanted some portraits done of himself and we just never got around to it.  So I decided this year, we better do this before it gets too cold! Frida is an amazing massage therapist so I figured a little service trade was in order!! I really love, when doing engagement sessions or portaits, bringing in some props to make the shoot more personal.  Its a big trend in the industry right now and I just love it.  A very popular choice is doing a picnic.  I thought I would do a twist on this idea and instead of going out to a field or lake somewhere, do a picnic in the city.  The city, obviously is a big part of our lives here and a big part of Frida and Cary’s history so I wanted to embrace it, also pulling in little details like – the Julia Childs’ Cookbook, the California tablecloth (Cary is from CA) the Rioja wine bottle and corks, Cary brought a vintage book that he loves.  I really wanted to bring in more of Frida’s Swedish culture but we couldnt find so much in such a short amount of time.  Maybe we will just have to do a part 2 session in the Spring! Anyway, I love these 2 and they are beeeeeautiful so enjoy the pictures!!

I really wanted to get the picnic shots right in the middle of a street.  We had to pick up everything and run out of the way every 5th shot or so!

Could these two get any sweeter?

Frida, you better hold on to this one, he sure is a handsome fella.

What you can’t tell is that Frida was a bit nervous in front the camera.  But I say, this girl knows how to work it.  Hello? Gorgeous!

I love it when people bring on the sass!

This picture right here – this is why I love doing what I do.  People in love…….theres nothing better.

She’s hot. Look at her! She knows it!

This time we found a pedestrian street so we didn’t have to dodge cars to get the picnic shots.  So sweet!

I love this one of Cary – he’s got a minor hair swoosh thing going on – so suave!

Cary and Frida, thank you so much! I had such a great time on our shoot and I hope you love your pictures!!


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