Athens Newborn Session | Ramsey

November 17, 2023

Athens Newborn Session

Recently, I was asked to do a lifestyle session with the Ramsey’s newest little addition. I of course jumped at the opportunity. Newborn sessions bring me life and energy. And Lifestyle Newborn Sessions create such a natural and unique vibe to the family that it just breathes soft warmth throughout the entire process.

And, let’s be honest. When you have a family such as this, they make everything a breeze. The only issue I found was trying to keep myself from petting their adorable dog when I was supposed to be photographing. But, alas I was able to fight back the temptation to squeeze his adorable face, and continue taking photos.

The sacrifices we make as Athens Newborn Photographers is great. Let me tell you.

So, after stifling my want of the dog’s affection, I found myself in love with photographing the Ramseys. They made everything feel so natural, and smooth and breathtakingly easy. To feel at ease during an Athens Newborn Session is so incredibly important.

Typically, I schedule them in the morning, after everyone has had their breakfast (and coffee) and the little one isn’t cranky. This time of day allows for lovely soft natural light. As well as brighter and softer moods.

In my Athens Portrait Studio, a comfortable place I have created for all my lovely families, I want all the light. To have it streaming through the soft white curtains allows a type of warmth we don’t get from bulbs. Depending on the day, if there is a bright blue sky and a full sun in the air, you will find me with my camera. Especially at my studio.

So, with natural light bathing the area and stomach full and happy, I then let my family just be free.

Allowing them to just be loving to one another and I gently offer ideas, as opposed to poses. I want everyone to feel comfortable and often posing can make us stiffen up. That isn’t what I’m going for.

The energy in the room should be as free-flowing as the wind. A soft breeze of kindness and warmth and a little baby to dote upon.

To be conscious of my families’ time, I try not to make the an Athen’s newborn session drag on. I learned a long time ago, no matter what happens during a session, I will always walk away wishing I had gotten a particular shot that didn’t come to my mind until I was driving home.

It’s important that we don’t let these thoughts control us, and we stave off perfectionism and allow beauty and art to grow in its place.

And that’s what babies are, anyhow. This beautiful little piece of art created by two people in love. And, I get to photograph their masterpiece. And often times with my couples, I get to watch that masterpiece grow from a baby to a toddler to a young adolescent.

It’s a gift. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Athens Newborn Session


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