Audrey – Bridal session – Lynchburg, Virginia

November 14, 2010

I am so so so so excited to share these photos! My oh so loverly niece got married on October 10th of this year!!! Congratulations Audrey and William!! Unfortunately I could not be there :( So, while I was home over the summer, she got all gussied up and we did some bridal portraits in the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA.  Now before you think, ewww a cemetery? Just wait…..these pictures are sooooo beeeeeautiful! I was so proud of the both of us on this one.  But we’ve always been awesome together, ever since we were kids.
We grew up together since day one, so we are basically sisters.  And we were hands down the coolest kids in school.  We had the best imaginations ever – I mean who can say they had their own fantasy land complete with imaginary language to play in?  We did.  We had numerous adventures involving bears, wolves fairy rabbits and fuzzy turtles under our belts at the age of 10.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.
At the wedding, Audrey and William did their getaway on a hot air balloon!!! Amazing, right? And they brought in that theme throughout the wedding.  So I thought it would be cute to bring in a travel or voyage theme to her bridal shoot with a few fun props.  Ok, ok lets get to the good stuff!

GAH, Gorgeous!

Not that I had any doubt in my mind…but this girl worked it!

This is quite possible one of my favorites image. Ever. Its so beautiful and classic.

This one too….Im so in love with how classic these images look, they remind me of the Secret Garden or a Jane Austin book.

And Mr. William, let me tell you, good job on the ring, its yummy!

Don’t you love her blue suede shoes?

mmmmmmmmmm. LOVE.

Here’s a little bit where the voyage or travel theme comes in.  This cemetery had old train tracks and this old train station complete with a Western Union Telegraph sign.

Inspired by all of the amazing things on Etsy, I made these little flags for the shoot.

Another favorite!

I really dont think anyone can argue, Audrey is breathtaking.

Audrey. I had so much fun taking pictures of you in your beeeeeautiful wedding dress.  You made the most lovely bride, seriously.  Im glad I got to share it with you in this way! I wish you all the happiness and success in your marriage! I love you!


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