Our new piso! – Madrid

November 1, 2010

I wanted to share some pictures of our life in Madrid!  We have a new and waaaaaaay better apartment this year and its right in one of the most popular “hip” areas of Madrid, Malasaña.  This year we are living with two great friends, Babak and Sriroop….you saw them in my silly birthday pictures.  So far its been a blast!  Here are some pictures of the apartment and the surrounding neighborhood:

Our bedroom

Dining area

Living room


Kitchen – notice the dishwasher! This is quite the luxury in Spain!

Our neighborhood: our metro stop is Bilbao

I pass by this wedding dress store every time we go to the grocery. And I just am in love with this dress! Won’t the bride who wears this contact me!!!???

On the right is the storefront of Kling.  I just love the displays and decoration in this store and would like to do something similar one day in my office!

This is our actual street, Calle Churruca.  And on the right, is Martin walking down it with our groceries, teehee!

And yes, that IS a greek restaurant. We havent tried it yet, but I want to!!! NOW!!!

This area is covered in awesome grafitti and paintings….clubs and storefronts.

Plaza dos de Mayo

This is an adorable little American style bakery.

This is a creperie that I have fallen in love with.  The picture is small but its just so dang cute.  Id love to shoot a couple here!

Ok, don’t judge us. This isn’t the best picture but here is our little family!


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