Belgrade, Serbia – Travel Photography

August 10, 2011

Our first day in Belgrade we took it slow.  Traveling sure does take its toll on you and since we are nearing the end of this journey, we are getting pretty tired of moving everyday, especially in this heat.  So we just took a small stroll around the old part of town and then met up with a friend of our friend Nikko.  He took us to see his favorite view from the Fortress and then we sat and relaxed with a few beers.

The next day we gave it a better go at walking around and photographing Belgrade.

There were these painted cows all over the center.

This is the lovely bohemian district.

There’s lots of fun graffiti and wall art.

Then we went back to the Fortress to see it during the day.  Its free all day to the public which is so nice, you can just meander through its pretty walls and gardens.

Too bad I can’t take this place with me, it would be beautiful for photoshoots.

How fun is this watermelon bench!? I couldn’t resist.

We walked past the zoo and all along the outer wall were these fun mosaics.

A few more sites around the center.

Then we made it a point to go back to the Cathedral of Saint Sava at night.  Its said to be a symbol of Belgrade and that its most lovely at night.  Its true – its so much more beautiful with its lights shining against a deep blue sky.

We are nearing the end of our trip now.  We are currently in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.  Next we spend a few days in Slovenia and then off to Milan to catch our flight home.  Too be honest, Im exhausted and the idea of laying in our apartment for the one week before walking the Camino de Santiago seems like heaven! Ive still got lots and lots of pretties (CROATIA!) to show you so keep checking back!


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