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August 10, 2011

After, not the longest bus ride ever, but quite possibly the worst, we finally arrived horribly stinky and sweaty to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  I think Croatia was possibly the place we were most excited to visit, but I have to say with it being near the end of our 5 weeks AND it being the height of the summer heat, I found it more difficult to enjoy myself.  Plus, if you don’t know, Croatia is the new IT place to be, it has become a highly popular destination spot and so it is absolutely CRAWLING with tourists and food and water is expensive.  Also, being that we are traveling cheap, we couldn’t even afford any hostels with air conditioning…so as you can imagine Ive been quite the grumpy gus lately.  But all that said, Croatia is in fact quite magnificent as you will see in these pictures and the following posts.The first day that we arrived we decided to relax. We walked to the beach that was very near to our hostel and took a very quick dip to cool ourselves.

We took advantage of the kitchen and made ourselves spaghetti while enjoying the pretty view from the hostel.

The next day we went into the old city.  All of the Croatian cities we visited have darling “old towns” but I think Dubrovnik was my favorite.  It was very quaint and labrynthine, sort of reminiscent of Venice, with lots of lovely details!

It has a beautiful waterfront were you can actuallly swim.  I wish I had known this because I would have worn my swim suit.  It was so hot and that water looked so inviting!

On the left you have a horrifying sight.  European men, no matter how fat or how hairy insist on wearing speedos about two sizes too small.  Its a shock to the eyes. To help you recover, on the right you have an adorable kitty!

Here you can see an example of all the tiny streets.

You can pay to walk around the city’s walls, and if you are lucky enough to have a student ID you get a pretty hefty discount.  Its totally worth, you get awesome views of the city.

I can’t help it, I love how beautiful the doors can be over here!

A beeeeeeeeautiful sunset!

We ended the day with these little beauties…tiny donuts covered in cinnamon and sugar, made to order, can we say DELICIOUS!?


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