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Barbie Inspired Pool Party Editorial Southern Sugaring is a hair removal boutique in Savannah’s historic district.  Instead of using wax, they use an organic, all natural sugar based medium to remove unwanted hair – the process is less painful and lasts longer than traditional methods.  I’ve been a happy customer for the past several years!  […]

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Savannah Fashion Photographer Terra Cotta Boutique

As a Savannah Fashion Photographer, one of the reasons I love Savannah so much is because this beautiful city is filled with local business owners! Savannah has lots of boutiques and artists, and Savannah residents love to support local shops. One of my favorite downtown boutiques is Terra Cotta– a lovely little shop on Barnard near Ellis […]

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Zia Jewelry Boutique Savannah Fashion Photographer Tybee Beach Fashion
Zang Toi Sea Island Fashion Week The Cloister

I just love how many smaller cities around the country are jumping on the New York Fashion Week bandwagon and offering versions of their own.  I’ve been busy shooting for Savannah Fashion Week which happens later this month and last month I had the ultimate pleasure of attending the Zang Toi fashion show at The […]

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Now, anyone who knows me, whether it be in person or just online, knows that I am completely smitten with Kate Spade.  She just knows how to combine that perfect amount of girlie, prep, color and sparkle to create the darn cutest accessories and clothes.  If I had the money, my closet would unashamedly be […]

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Savannah Athens Atlanta Fashion Photographer James Hogan Femme Fatale


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