The Importance Of Creating Family Photo Albums

September 1, 2022

Growing up, some of my favorite memories were flipping through my parent’s old family photo albums, seeing all of their memories year by year. I believe it is one of the things that made me want to become a photographer!

There is something so much more tangible and special about holding images in your hands. The visual and tactile experience of looking through family photos triggers powerful, emotional responses of love and a family bond. In today’s digital and impersonal world, never before has this been more important.

Family albums are not just for the season you are in right now – but are for generations to come! They help preserve this moment in time for your kids to look back on and someday show their kids. And while I love framed prints and wrapped canvases, albums are still one of the most timeless ways to preserve your family legacy.

Think about how many images you have lost on your phone or on a hard drive in a desk somewhere. So many memories we create are lost in the noise. At Izzy + Co, we believe that your photos don’t exist until you get them off of your devices and into your home. Filling your home with your precious memories will serve as the sweetest daily reminder of what is most important in life, keeping you happy, healthy and grounded.

A Customized Experience

At Izzy + Co, we know that taking the time to make your album can be time-consuming. That is why we are here to help you with every step of the design process! I will create an album for you to review, showing the images professionally selected and carefully designed.

We can even create gallery designs right on your very own walls! So once you select your album, we can continue to make other heirloom art to complete your home. 

The importance of family albums Savannah and Saint Simons family photographer

Craftsman Quality 

When you order your family album with us, you can be assured that the quality with be impeccable and stand the test of time. Our albums are handmade in the USA, and crafted in Louisville, KY. Each page is printed on archival paper using the highest quality printing processes. This means that the images will be true to life, and not fade over time. Often, when you go through a discount printer, the image colors will not be accurate and will begin to fade within a few years.

Our albums are bound using the finest archaic materials so that they can be looked at again and again for years to come. They lay flat when opened, so you never have a crease down the middle that distracts from the image. 

They are also available in many colors and fabrics to match the decor of your home. Whether you want a soft linen, or a bold leather or suede, we have an album cover for you! And, of course, you can fully customize the cover with a name, quote, or date. Embossing is available in gold or silver foil, giving a curated and high-end look.

The Importance Of Creating Family Photo Albums The Importance Of Creating Family Photo Albums

An Incredible Gift

One of the best uses of our albums is not just for yourself – but for your family! Heirloom albums can make incredible gifts, from mother’s and fathers day to the Holidays and every season in between. Grandparents, and even aunts and uncles, love to collect beautiful albums and will be so glad you created one for them. Many of our clients like to make a yearly album for their parents around the Holidays, so they have a different album for each year of the family. 

Curious why a yearly family session is so important? Read our post, here!

The Importance Of Creating Family Photo Albums Savannah, Atlanta and St Simon family photographer

Ordering Your Family Albums

When you book your family session, make sure to keep your heirloom products in mind! Let us know what items you will preserve these images in, so we can have your designs in mind during your session. Reach out today! We can’t wait to photograph your family for years to come!


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