The Benefits of Displaying Family Photos at Home

September 8, 2022

One of the best parts about having a family session is being able to show off your family photos! I always encourage my clients to create heirloom items from their family sessions that they can pass down for generations. Not only is this a great way to cherish those memories, but it’s great for kids to see themselves within the home as well!

heirloom family albums by Izzy and Co

Why You Should Display Your Family Photos

One of my favorite testimonials comes from my client Claire who told me, “I love the way my children adore looking at the albums we create together. I can tell they are so proud to see themselves captured in such a beautiful way. These pictures start dialogues in our family about love and commitment and the beautiful bond of family.” I love this idea, and I’m so happy that Claire and her family get joy from going through their family sessions!

Kids love to see themselves represented in the home. It tells them that they’re important and you’re proud of them. It can help to raise their confidence and self-esteem because they see themselves in beautiful photographs with their family. Plus, those family photos can help them remember the amazing time you spent as a family during your sessions.

I’ve written before about how yearly sessions are so important, and it’s true! Your kids can watch themselves grow up through the years through heirloom albums, and a yearly session tells them that you’re interested in capturing them as they are. So, I always recommend having a yearly or bi-yearly family session and creating a fine art book for each session.

why you should display family photos

Heirloom Albums from Izzy and Co

One of my favorite heirloom products is albums because they’re so versatile and beautiful! I offer a variety of options for my clients, so they can choose what they love, and I always recommend an heirloom fine art album.

A book or album can hold many images and showcase more of a “story” and the nuances of your family’s personalities and relationships. It’s my favorite way to preserve my own family photos, and I adore the idea of them becoming cherished heirlooms for my family.

Our fine art books are a slimmer version of our albums and are perfect for creating a gorgeous collection of family “volumes.” It’s important to have something tangible to hold in your hands and flip through together!

heirloom family albums by Izzy and Cowhy it's important to display family photos

Custom Photo Galleries for Your Home

The most powerful thing for a child is to see images of themselves and their family DAILY, and the easiest way to do that is to have some gorgeous gallery walls designed with your images. I love creating a statement wall with a mixture of images from different years. You can also simply switch out the photos in your frames every few years. It’s worth investing in quality frames so that they last a lifetime.

Our complimentary design consultations take the guesswork out of designing your walls. We take a photo of your very space and show you exactly how things will look before ordering. You will have our help, so you know which images work best together and which products are best for your home’s aesthetic.

For a tabletop option and something really sweet to decorate a child’s room, we have 5×7 image blocks. Instead of a frame, this is a print wrapped around a wooden block that stands up on its own. These are lightweight yet sturdy, so they’re perfect for kiddos or to give as family gifts.

family photography by Izzy and Co Photography why you should display family photos


However you want to display your family photos, we can help you do it! It’s so important to have those heirlooms that you can pass down and gallery walls that show your kids how beautiful they are. If you love the idea of a family session that you can cherish forever, reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you!


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