Why a Yearly Family Session is Worth It

December 28, 2021

I love working on new family sessions! For this Athens family session, I worked with the Cassavaugh Family to get beautiful photos of them together with their young daughter. We went to Ben Burton Park, and the weather created the perfect lighting. I love it when families book a yearly family session to capture those memories.

We often think that family sessions only happen around the holidays or when a milestone event happens. But there are so many endless reasons to get family pictures taken! I have always cherished capturing these memories for my clients, but now that I am a mother myself, their importance carries an even deeper weight. You will never look back and be disappointed that you took the time to take those family photos. That’s why a yearly family session is so important!

why you should do an annual family session why you should do an annual family session

Kids Grow Up Fast

As a momma of two boys, I know this one firsthand! Childhood is a fleeting time that goes by so quickly. So, it’s important to document every little moment! These milestones are irreplaceable, and these moments are gone in a blink of an eye. Many of my clients come back to see me for a yearly family session, and it’s incredible to see the differences in the kids and parents each time!

why you should do an annual family session athens family session by Izzy and Co Photography athens family session by Izzy and Co Photography

You Deserve Photos of ALL Of You

I know that as parents, we tend to be the ones behind the camera. And it’s often a cell phone shot, quickly taken before the kiddos run away. But you deserve to get memories taken with YOU in it! I know as parents we hate to have our picture taken or want everything to be perfect. But I promise that when your kids grow up and look back at these pictures, they will be seeing nothing but love! It’s important to get pictures taken so that your kids have items to cherish.

athens family session by Izzy and Co Photography athens family photographer athens family photographer

Heirloom Keepsakes

One of my favorite things to do is to go through old photo albums and see all of my family’s memories. In the digital age, we often forget to print out images. They all live on our cell phones or laptop. But it is such a better experience to hold images and have high-quality prints to keep forever. Our included design services help you create family albums and custom wall art that complement your home decor, ensuring that your images are serving their best life and being enjoyed daily!

athens family photographer why you need a yearly family session why you need a yearly family session

A yearly family session can help you both create and capture beautiful memories with your family. I just love working with my families year after year and seeing everyone grow up. Plus, if you need help preparing for your Athens family session, I’ve got you covered. Just reach out to me, and we can start planning your session!

why you need a yearly family session


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