Driving, Monasterio de Piedra, Waterfalls, oh my!! – Spain

June 26, 2011

On Friday morning we picked my parents up from the airport and immediately stuffed them into a car.  After 30 minutes of trying to get out of the damn parking lot, we finally hit the road.  It was so good to see my parents! Our goal was a town right outside of Barcelona, where we are staying, but we took it slow, stopping along the way at whatever struck our interest.  This is a 12th century monastery.  It was closed for siesta but was lovely on the outside so we hopped out for some pictures.

We passed by this gorgeous lake – the water was a beautiful crystal clear green – so sparkly!!

One of my families recommended that we go to this Monasterio de Piedra, or Monastery of Stone.  The monastery is of course lovely but what is more amazing is the nature walk with lots and lots of waterfalls!!

Here is a view of the monastery from up on the mountain.

The monastery is 900 years old.  Most of the building is still very much intact.

Except for the church part which is in ruin.

The past two days we have spent meandering around Barcelona. So check back soon for pictures! In the meantime hop on over to our travel blog to get more pictures and a more in depth account of our adventures!


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