Saying goodbye for the summer.

June 23, 2011

This past week we’ve been busy wrapping things up here in Madrid – with work, saying goodbye to some friends, etc.  Last Thursday was my last day at my school (hallelujah!) Here are the lovely ladies I worked with this year.  You should already recognize Megan. On the right, we are impersonating an angry spanish woman, complete with their hand motions.

Then on Friday we had a big party at our place because there are some friends leaving Spain and others we wont see till the Fall.  It was a success!

I attempted to make an ice cream pie but our freezer is lame and wouldn’t freeze it so it ended up being a milkshake pie.  As you can see it was still delicious and refreshing enough to eat, right down to the cookie crust!

Then we headed out to dance like fools.  Thats right fooooooools.

Sorry Frida, I just couldn’t keep my hands off yo man.  Never mind the fact we both look a bit possessed. It was the alcohol.

My friends are way awesome.

Look at these cutie pies.  These are the children whom I ADORE.  I had private lessons with these stinkers after school or during lunch and I am in love with them and their families.

 This little lady you should remember from the picnic photoshoot I did with her in Madrid.  Frida and Cary are moving to Sweden, her home, so we had to make an appearance at her going away picnic.  Frida, girl you are oh so awesome and beautiful and fabulous, I will miss, but I guess we will just have to come visit yall in Sweden, oh twist my arm!

Then later that night we went to a birthday party for one of Martin’s teachers, Ana.  Isnt she so pretty?  She’s a cool girl, super talkative and sweet and super fun to be around.  Happy Birthday Ana!

Tomorrow my parents arrive at the airport, Im so so so excited to see them and to show them around Spain.  We are picking them up from the airport and driving to Barcelona, I know were cruel, but we figure they can sleep in the car, right? From Barcelona we will meander west through Zaragoza, San Sebastian, Santander, Asturias and Galicia.  In our opinion the north is the prettiest of Spain so Im super stoked to spend 2 weeks there.  And the food, oh dont even get me started – the cheeses, the cider oh my! I will do my very best to post regular updates and beautiful pictures, internet permitting.  I hope yall are all enjoying your summers, wherever you are!!!


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