Days 19-21 – Camino de Santiago – León – Hospital de Orbigo – Astorga – Rabanal del Camino

October 10, 2011

For a few days we started walking with another group of friendly Spaniards.  We especially bonded while trying to avoid a certain VERY LOUD snorer.  But most of them were only going to León so after our short walk into the city, we made sure to get a good group photo since we wouldn’t see them again.  We had already been to León twice so we knew we wanted to continue on to Virgen del Camino.

On the left is a building designed by Antoni Gaudí and on the right is a lovely building that we didn’t even see last time we were in León.  We took a break there before heading onto Virgen del Camino where we stayed for the night.

The next day was beautiful and we got lots of nice pictures on our way to Hospital de Orbigo.

Hospital de Orbigo has a beautiful bridge.  A lot of these little towns have these bridges that are hundreds and hundreds of years old, its amazing! But this one is extra special, look how long it is!

I loved this albergue for one thing….they had kittens! I made a best friend and got some kitty love :)

The next day we were going to stay in Rabanal del Camino, but along the way we passed through Astorga –  a biggish town with a Gaudí building – so we knew we had to stay awhile and check that out.  On the right you can see a little stand someone had set up with provisions for the pilgrims.  There are a few places like this along the way that have things like tea, cookies, etc and are for donation.

Here’s Astorga – on the right is the Gaudí building – the Astorga Episcopal Palace. Inside there is a museum of religious artifacts found all along the Camino de Santiago.

And here is the Cathedral.  We didn’t actually go inside but the outside is lovely.

Before leaving we made sure to buy some Mantecadas – a pastry that is typical of the region – its a lot like pound cake – yum!

We passed through a few more small pueblos on our way to Rabanal del Camino….

This ended up being one of our longest days.  I think in the end we walked 35 or so kilometers.

We averaged 25 km a day so 10 more was really quite painful.

We stopped in the town before Rabanal del Camino to stretch and take a small break and then finally made it there.  We were absolutely too dead tired to do ANYTHING but shower and lay in bed till dinner time.  Luckily the restaurant here was DELICIOUS!


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