Days 15-18 – Camino de Santiago – Carrión de los Condes – Ledigos – Bercianos del Camino – Mansilla

October 5, 2011

We continued through the Meseta, starting early to avoid the heat.  Our next town would be Carrión de los Condes.

Here you can see our progress – in total we walked around 800km – and here we were almost at the halfway point.

We arrived and checked into a beautiful convent that served as an albergue for traveling pilgrims.  The nuns were very sweet and the accommodations were fantastic.  The stay was made even more awesome because we met up again with our Canadian buddy Richard and we all made jambalaya for dinner! On the right is a picture from the convent.

Before dinner though, we of course took a walk around the town.

We visited a beautiful old monastery that was still in the process of being restored…and it had the creepiest Jesus we had ever seen.

These middle days through the Meseta were light on pictures.  The scenery during our walk didn’t vary often, just flat straight landscape and the towns were very very very small.

This day we stayed in a pueblo called Ledigos.

The next morning we set out for Bercianos del Camino.

This part of the Camino was definitely the most boring because you are just walking along the highway.  But thankfully someone planted trees along the way so that you have bits of shade.  This is a lifesaver.

The church in Bercianos del Camino – very different from all the churches we had seen in the pueblos.

The next morning, on our way to Mansilla, we passed some very pretty things, especially so in that golden morning light.

We passed through a town that had a super fun looking bar/albergue with lots of bright graffiti.

In Mansilla, there’s a funny statue with three very tired pilgrims.  It really captures how you feel when you arrive!

Here’s our albergue.  We never really took any photos that show are routine once we got to the albergues.  After showering, we immediately hand washed our clothes so that they’d have time to dry – here you can see everyone’s clothes hanging in the sun.


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