How excited was I when two good friends hired me for their weddings in NY!?  And how more perfect was it that their weddings fell on consecutive weekends!?  Not only did I get to photograph two insanely gorgeous weddings in the beautiful NY countryside, but I also got to take a vacation driving around the […]

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The Bean Chicago

Oh lordy.  We went to Chicago to photograph a wedding…..LAST AUGUST!  I will never get behind on blogging again I tell you. This was such an exciting trip to me for several reasons.  1.  We got to photograph a wedding in Chicago!  We love to travel and we love love love to go places for […]

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Palma de Mallorca Travel Photography
Izzy Hudgins Madrid
Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Coming in the final stretch of the Camino de Santiago, we had mixed feelings of “Im ready to be home already!” and “Man, this went by fast!” Day 29 brought us to the pueblo of Arzúa.  We were still taking it slow, only about 20-24 km a day and to make it even easier, we […]

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Camino de Santiago - Triacastella

Ahhhhh so nice to be back in the mountains again.  The scenery is nicer and the temperatures more tolerable.  Yes its more difficult to walk, but you can hardly complain when you have views such as this. On this day we made our way to Triacastella, passing farmers with their cows, little churches… and more […]

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Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago

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