Days 2-3 – Camino de Santiago – Zubiri – Cizur de Menor

August 30, 2011

Hello my lovelies! I´m sorry to have kept you waiting so long for another update.  I meant to blog a few days ago when we were in Logroño but that day kicked my butt and gave me a fever so I stayed in bed.  I feel waaaaaaay better now and so am ready to share with you the next couple of days on the Camino de Santiago!  On our second day, we left Roncesvalles early, caught another beautiful sunrise and headed towards Zubiri, our next town.  Walking all day really clears your head and lets you notice all the small beautiful things around you.
 Our walk was very pleasant in comparison to the previous day´s hike up the mountain!  And by pleasant I mean very flat, our feet prefer flat!
 With the morning fog and dew, the views were incredible.
 Despite it being a much shorter day and the terrain being much more flat, we arrived dead tired.  We immediately fell asleep upon hitting our beds.  After our nap, we did our routine of a shower and washing clothes.  Afterwards we walked around the town a bit before cooking dinner and going to bed promptly at 9.00!
 On the third day our destination was Cizur de Menor, a suburb of Pamplona.  Our journey this day was also really flat and shaded by forest.
I wanted to walk around and see Pamplona since I had never been before, but my feetsies just wouldn´t allow it.  So I only really saw what was along the Camino.  Fortunately, it gave me enough to deduce that Pamplona is a cute little city with lots to see! My most painful part of the whole walk so far was passing a little vintage store and not being able to go in!
After taking a big break in a park, we trudged on to Cizur de Menor and stayed in a very nice albergue!
We are now on our 9th day.  The monotony at first really got to me, but we have started to become used to our routine, the physical challenges and we are meeting fun people so its really starting to get better and become fun! Hope to share more soon!


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