Day 4 – Camino de Santiago – Puente de la Reina

September 8, 2011

Hello!! We are finally in an albergue where they don´t rip you off on internet prices, hooray! This post is going to be just day 4 because I love so many of the pictures.  Our entire time walking was just beautiful – we started out with a glorious sunrise coming out of Cizur Minor.

Then we started a very intense climb UP! Luckily we met a very sweet Danish kid who kept us company for a kilometer or two before running off…..we were the turtles of the bunch!  We finally made it to the crest of the mountain and we got the most amazing view!! Plus this way awesome sculpture.

These are seriously the things that keep us going.  Isnt that just sooo pretty?

Tired, we finally arrived to the town in which we stayed for the night, Puenta La Reina, named after its ancient bridge.

Up top you can see the bridge that gives the town its name, Puente La Reina and below is the albergue in which we stayed.  An albergue is a very basic hostel that only pilgrims can stay in and they charge anywhere between 4 and 10 euros.  Some are even donation.

Tomorrow we pass through Leon.  We´ve been there twice already so we won´t stay the night there but before we move on, we will take our break in an internet cafe so I can get more caught up on the blog! These first few days seem like a lifetime ago, its hard to remember what we did, what we thought, the things we talked about ,etc…. Hope youve enjoyed the pictures!


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