Days 29-31 – Camino de Santiago – Arzúa – Arca O Pino – Santiago de Compostela

October 20, 2011

Coming in the final stretch of the Camino de Santiago, we had mixed feelings of “Im ready to be home already!” and “Man, this went by fast!” Day 29 brought us to the pueblo of Arzúa.  We were still taking it slow, only about 20-24 km a day and to make it even easier, we passed through several towns along the way.

On the right is a tree that I thought looks so cool with all the vines wrapped around it.

On the right is Gail, I talked about her in the last post, she’s absolutely amazing and was a real inspiration to – well Im pretty sure everyone on the trail at that point!

One of our favorites of the grain storage things. This one is painted with a fun design!

The next morning we set out for Arca de Pino – our last stop before reaching Santiago de Compostela! We had a unusually beautiful morning, free of the heavy fog that is normal in Galicia.

26.3km away!

One of the many fountains that you come to rely on for water.

A highway sign for Santiago and a cross in Arca O Pino.

Even though it was only about 17 km away, we left super duper early to head on to Santiago de Compostela. We heard that walking up to the city at sunrise was such a beautiful sight.  Unfortunately as the sun finally rose, this is what we saw…….NOTHING, thanks to the fog.  Hah, oh well.

We finally make it!!!!! It was still incredibly gray and foggy as we made it right into the city center and to the cathedral.  So apart from a photo of us in front of the cathedral, we didn’t really take any pictures.  The city is LOVELY though so please be sure to check out the post from when we visited with my parents.

Here is a picture of us with our little Camino family: Shawn, Jorn, Jes, Byul, Martin and me!  It really was an amazing day because we saw lots of people that we thought we had lost along the way.  This was the best culmination of such a wonderful experience.

Upon arriving, we attended the pilgrim’s mass at the Cathedral.  On the right you can see their infamous Botafumeiro – its the largest incense thing in the world! After the service, they hoist it into the air and by heaving and ho-ing they are able to swing this thing across the nave of the cathedral.  It was wildly impressive.  Apparently the Botafumeiro normally lives in the cathedral’s museum and is only taken out and used on very special occasions.  So, special we felt indeeeed.

Here is a video I found on youtube of the swinging Botafumeiro:

And that concludes my posts about the Camino de Santiago! If its something that has peaked your interest and would like to do it, please read Martin’s posts – they are MUCH more informative and helpful. You know Im only about the pretty pictures :) Next up, Ive got some lovely portrait sessions that Ive been working on during my last couple of weeks in Madrid. Plus, this past weekend we went to Mallorca – the fun NEVER ENDS people!


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