Figueres and Cadaqués, Cataluña, Spain

July 4, 2011

Next stop on our road trip was Figueres, a little town near the border with France, home to Salvador Dalí – one of our favorite artists. On the way, we stopped in this teensy tiny little place looking for this crypt that Gaudí designed.  But 1 – it wasnt open yet and 2 – it cost too much to go in, so we walked around and snapped a few pictures of the architecture around the village.  I liked all the different lines and shapes.

Finally we arrived in Figueres, home to a museum filled to the ABSOLUTE brim with Dalí’s endless work.  And by endless, I really mean endless.  Everyone should be familiar with the surrealist paintings he’s so famous for.  Also, I knew about his sculptures and a little bit about his films.  But I had no idea that he has numerous drawings and prints and a ridiculous amount of installations and JEWELS amongst other nonsense, but that is, however, what we love about the man.

Here’s an example of one of his fantastical sculptures and drawings.

We were actually a bit disappointed in the amount of the paintings.  When you study Dalí, you learn about his big famous paintings but you never see them in the museums. Im starting to think its because he actually didnt do as many as you think. He was busy creating all these other wonders that you had no idea about.  Actually the best Dalí museum is in Tampa, Florida, whowhaddathunkit?

This part of the museum was actually the most amazing and impressive to me.  Dalí created this “jewels” sometimes using HUGE HUGE HUGE gemstones and always using numerous rubies, diamonds and other costly materials.  Im actually quite stumped as to how he was able to afford to do this.  They were BEAUTIFUL, whimsical and playful, and sometimes they incorporated moving parts.  For example the one on the left, the wings would move back and forth.  I hope these pictures give you some idea as to how awesome these are!

Then we continued driving along the coast and came to what is probably my favorite little town so far on the trip, Cadaqués.  It is all white with blue doors and other details.  The beaches are small, only a few meters across, so they let you feel like you are on your own little private beach.  Plus they are rock beaches instead of sand which I like, because I HATE sand.  Doesn’t it look adorable?

Throughout our years of traveling, I have taken home rocks and shells and other things for my mom to put around her pond and in her gardens.  Now she is here to pick out her own!

Isn’t it lovely? I definitely want to return here for a future beach vacation.

Here’s an example of the little private beach.  What I wouldn’t give for that white house in the background to be mine!

Happy 4th of July to everyone back home! I hope you are all enjoying barbeque or fireworks or whatever you are doing with family or friends!!


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