Megan – Casa de Campo – Madrid, Spain

June 21, 2011

I’m super excited about this session.  I worked with this gorgeous girl at my school and in the past year we have become friends – that’s because she’s like the coolest chica EVER.  No really, it’s true.  Recently, we spent the day shopping in the vintage stores around Malasaña and looking for feather hair extensions (which by the way was a FAIL – they looked at us like we were LOCA!!)  At Magpie Vintage, Megan bought an awesome pair of leather ankle boots – I was in instalove so I told her a photo shoot was in order!  By the way, if you live in Madrid, be sure to check out Magpie Vintage, we think it’s pretty much the best vintage store in Madrid – they seem to have the best selection and the prices are reasonable.  Plus, I just found out, that they lend out things to photographers and film makers, so I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer!

Anywho…my friend Leo Rodriguez Pulido came over to work his magic on her hair and makeup and helped us style her outfit.  I bought flowers – german stattice – at a local flower stand and bam, we had a beautiful bouquet. Leo made an adorable flower crown for her hair.  I couldn’t sing more praises about Leo – he is an amazing hair and makeup stylist.  Please contact him for all your needs!!

I wanted to create dreamy photos with lots of light and trees and tall grass so we escaped from the city and went to Casa de Campo – very near to the Lago metro stop.  Isn’t it lovely?

This first look is just jeans and Tshirt – a go to for any girl.

Do you see what I mean? Megan is gorgeous.

Megan has a bohemian-esque style and I definitely wanted to bring that into her photoshoot while also maintaining a sense of glamor and elegance.  We wanted this session to inspire brides to embrace their own style on their wedding day.  I think many girls wish they could just wear a simple dress and the accessories they love but feel they have to get super gussied up.  Well, ladies, I want you to know that in this day and age, you have complete freedom over your wedding.  It’s important to stay true to yourself and your style and to do what you want.  Your wedding will mean so much more and reflect you so much more if you do this!  Now this look is super casual so I know it may be too simple for most brides to consider, but wouldn’t it make a super sexy bridesmaid look? I really love it.

Showcasing those beautiful boots.

I think a flower crown makes any outfit better, don’t you?

I’m so in love with this image.

Hello. Sexy.

These are the things about Megan’s style that I adore – she mixes in the perfect amount of worldly accessories (worldly? is that an adjective?). These earrings were a present for her, found in an Egyptian market.

Had these boots been in my size they would have been MINE!

This is my favorite from the session – it will be a huge canvas on my wall someday.


So without a doubt Megan looks awesome, right? But I want your opinion. Could you see this being a wedding look? Maybe for an intimate backyard wedding or something of the sorts? Or no way jose – a bride should look like a “bride!” Tell me tell me!


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