Walking around Madrid

June 18, 2011

Since our time in Madrid is coming to an end, I figured yall would like to see some more of this wonderful city we have now lived in for close to 3 years.  One of my favorite things about living here is just being able to walk EVERYWHERE.  I will definitely miss that.  Ive been doing a lot of walking around lately for two reasons 1. showing around couchsurfers and 2. PhotoEspaña.  I will post more about PhotoEspaña later but basically every year Madrid hosts an impressive amount of photography all around the cities galleries and its all FREE.  Every year we’ve left this time of year so Ive only gotten a taste of and this year my goal is to see it ALL.  Last time I went around gallery hopping I brought along my point and shoot and took some pictures for the blog.  Enjoy!!

This is the palace at Cibeles which in the old days was a huge communication center complete with post office and telegraphs.  Its now the City Hall.  They have recently renovated the building to become a cultural center for the city and they have opened their doors to the public for a few months.  I was really impressed! The bottom floor has got ipods for you to use, a lounge area with magazines and newspapers and a huge interactive computer table thingy. (Im so technical, I know.)  And then you can walk around the rest of the floors ogling the amazing palace interior and also see photographs of the renovation process.  The roof even has an observation deck where you can get phenomenal panoramic views of the city.  But be careful, this part closes during siesta.

Last time I was walking through this plaza, there were massive amounts of people protesting…although Im not sure what.  But they formed a huge circle around the glorieta (roundabout) and held hands so that no traffic could cross through. (now remember, this is one of the biggest intersections in Madrid) I just can’t believe that the police here tolerate this.

This is a cool wall in Lavapies.  I found this walking around with couchsurfers.

One day to see PhotoEspaña exhibits I took a big walk to Alonso Martinez, Colon and Banco de España.  There’s some really lovely architecture in these neighborhoods.

Madrid is pretty, eh?

Im counting down the days till my parents are here! 6 to go!


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