My 27th Birthday!

October 22, 2010

Martin knew that this birthday had to be special.  Last year he had the NERVE to get sick on my birthday.  So we spent it at the doctor’s….then he passed out on me. Then he wanted chicken noodle soup, so I went to the store and cooked it for him because I am a loving wifey. But did he eat it? No! He fell asleep! So…..he knew he had to make it up to me this year.  And he really did.  I have been lusting after this mini diana camera since I saw it at the Lomography store in Madrid a month ago.

Oh my goodness isnt it just darling? I wanted it in white because I have the normal sized Diana camera in blue.  I couldnt stop thinking about it for weeks.  Martin told me to just wait, so I thought that means he’s getting it for me for my birthday, right?  Well later, I wasnt so sure because he would say things like, oh dont get that thing….like its not something good to spend money on right now. And I thought well, sure maybe not but its a camera and I have to have it.  Well yesterday evening, I was skyping with my mom and in comes Martin and the whole house crew.  And he plops this HUGE Lomography bag on the bed and says open your presents! I was not expecting that at all, it was so super sweet and everything was wrapped so nicely!

So I DID get the white Diana camera!!! And the flash!! and several rolls of film!! All from Martin and my lovely room mates.  And I got a beautiful picture frame that now I need to fill.  And they wrote me a really funny card.  Awww I just love them, they made my birthday really special.

Then we all went out to dinner at La Gloria de Montera.  This is one of several restaurants in Madrid where chefs in training cook.  So you get a delicious fancy meal for a fraction of the cost.

You just cant take us anywhere though. Not that I ever claim to be classy but Im pretty sure they now have our pictures up in the kitchen and will refuse us service in the future.

Check out this dessert menu! We all had chocolatey goodness.  But check out number 5 on the list.  Anyone want to tell me what exactly that is?

They even had my dessert brought out with candles.  I know its cheesy. But I had really been missing all of my friends back home the last couple of days and Babak, Chiara and Sriroop, yall really made my birthday special and I love yall!

Again, Ill be surprised if they let us in again.

I love our little family! Thank you thank you thank you!! And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on facebook.  I love all of you!


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