Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – Travel Photography

August 13, 2011

Like I said in my last post, when we started researching for our trip to Croatia, we came across photos of the Plitvice Lakes and we KNEW we had to go!  The Plitvice Lakes are a national park situated sort of in between Zadar and Zagreb, you can easily get there by bus from either of the two cities.  You could really spend ALL day there, hiking around the different paths or row boating around the lakes.  They even have multi-day passes.  We only had about 4 hours so we picked one of the shorter routes, but the one that took us by the largest waterfall…..oh yes, this places is FULL of waterfalls!

These are the little boats that you can rent and paddle around the lakes.

Look at how CLEAR the water is! It was gorgeous, and look at all the fishies!

Isn’t this place beautiful? I don’t really think I need to explain.


Here you can really see how lovely this water is, the blue is just so pretty!

This is a favorite from the day.

This picture on the left, can you tell what it is? Its the water, well duh…but the bright part is the reflection and the green is all the plants at the bottom of the water, again, its so clear!

Here’s a broader view of the lakes and the waterfalls….and the mountains!

And here is the big boy.

I don’t recommend visiting Croatia in August – there’s just too many people.  There were so many people walking with us along the trails, that sometimes the line would just stop…..not so pleasant.

Also, there’s lots of pretty plants, flowers and trees to admire!

I loved this one random red leaf….and the purple flowers were gorgeous!

How cool is this leaf?

So thats it.  For all my outdoorsy friends, I know yall loved this post as much as we loved being there! Definitely put it on your to-do list! Its a beautiful place!


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