The Sentimentalist – Atlanta bridal boutique

July 2, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Audrey of French Knot Studios and I took a little roadtrip to Atlanta to network with the cool kids.  We were headed to the Summer Supper put on by CAMP Workshops – DEFINITELY check them out!  But our very first stop just had to be The Sentimentalist.  Ever since I heard about the opening of this adorable vintage and designer bridal shop, I’ve been just dying to go.  The store’s owner, Gabi, welcomed us with literally open arms – she is such a doll, has the cutest dang laugh ever and is seriously sweeter than pie.  Get ready for a fun interview!

The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta1.  What kind of wedding professional are you?  What sort of services or product do you offer?

We are a vintage and designer bridal shop in Atlanta, Ga. We have a carefully curated collection of designer gowns from asmall number of independent American designers, as well as few special vintage dresses. We also carry designer accessories and vintage jewelry. Our shop also serves as a collaborative planning space where we offer styling services, vendor recommendation, and full-service planning.

The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta

2.  What brought you about doing what you do?  How/why did you start your business?
I’ve always dabbled in wedding planning. After moving to Portland a few years ago, I started working for an awesome planning group and in turn began working for the designer Elizabeth Dye in her studio, The English Dept. I fell in love with bridal fashion, the industry, and the vision she was able to realize. When I decided to move back home to Atlanta, I figured I would bring these incredible designers with me! My mother fully supported the idea, and we’ve been hard at work marrying my mother’s Southern sensibility with my West Coast aesthetic to create a new space for Atlanta’s brides.

3.  What is your favorite part about it?

I love beautiful things, especially beautiful dresses. I also think woman are beautiful, and deserve to feel beautiful on their wedding day. So, helping a bride find the dress for her unique beauty, without covering her in a cupcake dress or piles of bling, brings me a lot of joy. And working across from my mother everyday is pretty great.
The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta
4. What is something you’d like people to know about you or your business?We can make it work. Your budget, your timeline, your vision- we can probably make it work. We might have a small collection, but if you are “our girl”, we can help you find or create the dress that works for your unique needs. We have the luxury of knowing our designers personally, so if you would like to tweak a design or add a train or change the color, we can call up the designer and make it happen. And it’s affordable! I always imagined those awesome indie designers were crazy expensive, but they’re not!
5.  How do you find inspiration?
I’m inspired by Atlanta. Atlanta has got some serious style- Southern charm meets urban diversity meets risk and prep. People watching in East Atlanta neighborhoods can be pretty inspiring. I’m also incredibly inspired by Atlanta’s wedding industry gals. We have some of the most talented ladies in the biz and they are always coming up with beautiful things.
The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta
6.  Who are some artists/people you admire?Back to those Atlanta industry gals- Amy Osaba is an absolute genius and one of the sweetest women I know. Her floral design is inspiring to say the least. And Ginny Branch can do no wrong. And, of course, Elizabeth Dye has been a huge influence. She is an incredible designer, business woman, and friend.
7.  What are your top 3 favorite things to do in your free time?
What’s free time? 1) I love a good patio with friends, maybe in Cabbagetown or Edgewood. 2) Thrift shopping with my bestie and wedding planning partner, Rhiannon Phillips. We don’t mess around. 3) I also love spending time at Goat Farm whenever possible- for shows, dinner parties, porch grills, and clothing swaps.

The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta

8.  What is your ultimate vacation?

Ya know, I’ve never been to Europe, which is CRAZY. I’ve traveled a good bit, and even lived in Southeast Asia for awhile, but I’ve never been to Europe. Coastal Italy, Paris, England…I’ll take whatever.

9. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

On my front porch in Atlanta, with family, and a gin and tonic.
The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta
10.  What is your greatest extravagance?Oysters at The Optimist, my fave restaurant that just happens to be in the shop’s neighborhood. So…lots of oysters.
11. What do you most fear?
Belly buttons and the moon.
The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta
12.  What living person do you most admire?I know this is sappy, but my parents are tied for this one. My dad is the hardest working, kindest man I know. My mother is incredibly selfless and graceful. I’m grateful to be their daughter and to learn from them. Also, I would be lucky to be half as happy as they are in their marriage.
13.  What’s your spirit animal and why?
Karen Walker from Will & Grace.

The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique Atlanta14.  What’s your greatest achievement?

Resilience. It’s incredible the amount of strength we are capable of in times of tragedy. I’ve seen my fair share of tragedy in the past few years, and I’m genuinely proud of how resilient I’ve been. Last year was one of the most challenging, and here I am living a dream come true- crazy!

The Sentimentalist vintage designer bridal boutique AtlantaSo there you have it – my favorite bridal boutique in existence and where you MUST go to play, marvel at pretties, meet Gabi and perhaps find your dream dress!!


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