The Value Of Having a Second Photographer

August 31, 2021

Your wedding day is filled with so many details and important moments! That is why I include a second photographer in all of our wedding photography collections (excluding elopements & intimate weddings). But, I often get asked why a second photographer is needed, and how we work together. I believe that having a second photographer is a huge benefit and one that you will be thankful to have at your wedding! Today, I am sharing the top reasons why having a second photographer is so important.

What Is A Second Photographer?

A second photographer is simply another photographer that is on our wedding day team. While I, or my associate Hannah, will be the primary photographer, the second photographer (or shooter as it is also referred to) will also be there to capture the moments and to help the day run smoothly. The second photographer allows us to get additional detail shots, and different angles of your wedding day.  The biggest benefit is that we can be at two different places at once! It can be difficult on a busy wedding day to bounce between different locations. However, with a second photographer, we can easily be in two different places or direct two different groups at once.

This is also very important if your venue is large, or your getting ready location, ceremony and reception venues are all at different locations. Traveling between locations can add a lot of time to your timeline! Having two photographers allows us to be at two locations at the same time.

We Can Both Capture Ready Portraits

Oftentimes, the couples will be getting ready in two separate areas. If there was only one photographer, we would have to jump around two different locations or miss out on the groom getting ready, altogether. However, since we have a second photographer, we can both be shooting at the same time. This really helps with your timeline, since there is no travel time having to be built in. The two of us can focus on each person, and shoot their wedding day details and portraits. Most of the time, the Groom wants to relax and have a few drinks with their friends. So we can have a photographer there to capture all of this, while you get ready with your friends!

Groom details for a Savannah wedding Groom details for a Savannah wedding Groom details for a Savannah wedding Groom getting ready for his Savannah wedding Groom getting ready The Value Of Having a Second Photographer

You Get Different Angles Of The First Look

Many of my couples decide to do a first look, which is one of my favorite moments to photograph. Having two photographers there for the first look allows us to get so many more angles, and really capture it all! We will often times have one of us facing the bride, and the other the groom, so we can capture both of your looks as you see each other for the first time. This always results in the sweetest moments! Having two photographers also helps with the logistics of setting up the First Look without you seeing each other till its time!

The first look Bride and groom first look Bride and groom first look The Value Of Having a Second Photographer The Value Of Having a Second Photographer


The Wedding Ceremony

One of the biggest reasons to have two photographers is your wedding ceremony. We will have one photographer facing the guests, and another facing the ceremony. This way one of us is capturing the groom’s reaction, while the other gets you walking down the aisle. This way, you will get continuous shots of the whole ceremony, rather than just one angle! You’ll be able to have shots of the ceremony from far away, close-up details, and the guest’s reactions!

Savannah wedding ceremony The Value Of Having a Second Photographer Indoor wedding ceremony in Savannah


Tag Team Wedding Party Portraits

A second shooter can let us take wedding party portraits at the same time, in two different locations! They also can be an assistant, and help with the little details. Sometimes the boutonnieres and ties are out of place and need to be fixed. Or the wind is sweeping the bridesmaid’s hair in their face. A second photographer can help make sure everything is perfect! It also makes sure that we can photograph all of the items on our list, quickly and keep up with the timeline in a non stressful way.

Groom and groomsmen portraits in Historic Savannah Bridal party portraits in downtown Savannah The Value Of Having a Second Photographer The Value Of Having a Second Photographer


Photograph All Of The Cocktail Hour and Reception Details

One of my favorite parts of the wedding is all the details at cocktail hour and reception. But this also takes some time to photograph, and usually needs to happen at the same time as family portraits after the ceremony. Typically, the second shooter is free to immediately head to the reception venue for detail shots & cocktail hour, while the primary photographer handles the family formal portraits and any other portraits needed before the reception begins.

We can also get all the angles of your reception! This is especially helpful if you have a large venue. We can walk around and get endless moments, from your parents dancing together, to guests’ reactions during the toasts, to Grandparents enjoying the evening outside while the party rages inside!

Wedding reception at The Westin in Savannah Wedding reception at The Westin in Savannah St. Simons Wedding St. Simons Wedding St. Simons Wedding St. Simons Wedding


A Second Photographer Is Always A Plus

Having a second photographer is an essential part of our collections, and lets us make sure all of the important moments are captured. Our number one priority as your photographer is to provide you with an easy, fun, and personalized experience from start to finish. Reach out today, and let us capture your incredible wedding day!


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