How To Prepare For an At-Home Newborn Session

December 21, 2021

I’ve been wanting to talk about how you prepare for an at-home newborn session for a while now, and I thought this newest session was a great opportunity to do just that! I’ve been photographing the Strickland family for years, and I’m so excited that I got to capture their newest addition to the family, Jackson. The Stricklands own Savannah Vintage and Event Rentals too. I love working with other wedding industry professionals, and I’m so glad they trust me with such an important part of their lives. Here’s how we planned together for a smooth session!

at-home newborn session tips

Have your at-home newborn session in those first two months after birth

Because I do lifestyle sessions and limited props, you can wait a few weeks before getting your newborn shots. Newborns tend to be sleepier those first few weeks, so some new families prefer to do it sooner. But if you wait until a month or so after birth, the baby may have their eyes open more, and everyone will be feeling a little more relaxed.

Pick early morning

The best time for an at-home newborn session is during the daylight, and usually in the morning hours. I always suggest 9 AM – 2 PM, since this gives us the best morning light, and it can often mean a well-rested little one!

at-home newborn session tips at-home newborn session tips how to prepare for your in-home newborn session

Pick rooms with natural light.

Natural light is the best lighting since it allows for a soft glow. I suggest picking a room that has brighter light and having the blinds open. We will be embracing your home’s unique decor and style, so don’t worry about adding more lights! We will use the natural light of the rooms. We will keep you close to the windows, and we can move around the home to find the best lighting.

It doesn’t have to be spotless.

Don’t worry about keeping it spotless. While we want to limit the clutter in the backdrop, some clutter is expected! It’s your home, and it’s supposed to look lived in. We can move furniture around if needed, and we don’t need a ton of space. I like to focus on the baby’s room and parents’ room. I do suggest making the bed and adding some cozy blankets and pillows for some texture and color!  Simple crib shots of the baby are so cozy and provide a great blank canvas to show off the nursery.

how to prepare for your in-home newborn session how to prepare for your in-home newborn session newborn session photography by Izzy and Co Photography

Focus on neutral colors

When it comes to the outfits, for both parents and the newborn, I suggest keeping them neutral. Think creams, soft blues, blush, and gray. This way, the colors don’t reflect too much on the skin, and the focus can be on you all and not the outfits. I also suggest keeping some of the bedding in the crib lighter colors. But of course, if your nursery is colorful, that is fine as well! I love a pop of color, especially in the pillows and artwork.

newborn session photography by Izzy and Co Photography newborn session photography by Izzy and Co Photography

Feed before the session

While this might make the newborn a little sleepy, it will also give us a happier little one! Don’t worry if you have to change or feed mid-session. The joy of doing the session in your home is that you can be comfortable! Many new mommas like to have some nursing pictures as well.

Don’t worry about posing

As a photographer, I focus my at-home newborn sessions on capturing everything in the moment. I won’t pose or stage too much. I will just give you a few prompts to get comfortable, and let the love do the rest! I love to capture this moment in real-time, with an intimate look into your beautiful family.

For props, I leave that up to the parents. If you have any items you want to be used, we can absolutely include them! This sometimes includes headbands, hats, swaddles, or toys.

Savannah newborn photography Savannah newborn photography

Have a few outfits ready

I suggest having at least three outfits ready for the baby, in case there are some accidents, or they need to be changed.  You can choose to just have them swaddled, in their diaper, or in a cute outfit.

Savannah newborn photography at-home newborn session in Savannah at-home newborn session in Savannah

I absolutely love photographing newborns and their families. It’s such a pleasure to see these little bundles of joy and the love their families have for them. If you’re expecting and you’d love an at-home newborn session, say hello! I’d love to meet you and your family!


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